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Câble et connecteur haute tension


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Reynolds Industries, Incorporated was established in 1948 and is now known worldwide for its range of high voltage products for use up to 75 KVDC including connectors, cable assemblies, high voltage capacitors and spark gaps, and off course, its range of high voltage cable which is used in the cable assemblies built to customer's requirements. This range of high voltage cable line is now complemented by a range of cable management products and a range of low voltage cables which are already used in the Aerospace, Military, Telecommunications and Medical industries.

The cables supplied by Teledyne Reynolds are used extensively in Aerospace and Military applications which operate at the very forefront of technology, never more so than now where materials and components are being designed into systems for use well into the 21st century. The recurring theme is cables with higher performance characteristics but lower weight, smaller diameter and more flexibility than their predecessors to assist the payload factor whether in terms of fuel, weaponry or passengers. Modern aircraft environments are consistently arduous for cables; i.e. confined wiring installations and possible contamination from fuel, solvents, cleaning fluids and lubricants.

The key issues are fundamental not only to the design and quality of the cables used in Aerospace but the materials, processes and testing of these technologically advanced products make them equally suitable to the demanding problems in the complete spectrum of Military, Aerospace, Computer and Bio-Medical industries. Cables for Bio-Medical applications result in their own stringent requirements including autoclaving, continuous flexing and purity, particularly if implantation is required. Cables already used in Medical applications include those shown on pages 4,10 to 13, 26, 27, 30 & 31.

We handle wire and cable from prototyping to production runs and we welcome the opportunity to work with you on your current wire and cable requirements and to assist you in developing the products for the future.

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