ZC1003 - SMD Z AXIS COIL Low Profile (2.38mH - 9mH) Agrandir l'image

ZC1003 - SMD Z AXIS COIL Low Profile (2.38mH - 9mH)

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This SMD coil offers a very low profile solution for applications in which it's needed a transponder vertical coil with high sensitivity in z direction and in a small surface area. It's so a lower profile solution for those applications in which the height of the component is critical. The design combines the best electrical performance in these dimensions together with mechanical robustness.

  • Standard size 10 x 10 x 3 mm
  • Very good electrical and mechanical performance
  • High stability in temperature (-40 ºC to +125 ºC)
  • Inductivity value can be customized to achieve customer requirements
  • Designs at lower frequencies such as 20 kHz and 40 kHz show a very good electrical performance as well
  • High sensitivity values achieved with verygood thermal and mechanical performance

Applications :

  • Automotive passive keyless entry systems
  • Automotive RTMPS with wake up functions
  • Industrial logistics and control
  • Access control
  • Tracking devices

Keyless entry systems is a typical application for this coil where performs high sensitivity in a very small package and with the advantage of easy SMD assembly. This design shows also very good sensitivity performance in angle deviation from z axes.

This product has a datasheet available upon request.

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