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Accessoire : FDOMO Filters for domotic applications

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Power distribution lines as a transmission line has a set of characteristics that make transmission of carrier current more difficult:

  • Line impedance is changing since it has a continuous common connection and devices disconnection.
  • Network is a common media for several neighbouring houses or buildings.

Filters can be used in order to improve power distribution lines characteristics. Depending on final functionality, these filters can be classified in two main groups :

  • Filters for low impedance loads (FDOMO-BI series).
  • House or building separating filters (FDOMO series).

Filters for low impedance loads are used to adjust the line impedance when devices are connected that have low input impedance. Separing filters avoid that transmissions generated by carrier currents are propagated outside the house.

These filters are obligatory when the installation is not provided with its own MT/BT transformer. FDOMO and FDOMO-BI series are specially designed to meet the European standard EHS (European Home Systems). Nevertheless, filters can be designed for meeting other standards or attenuation specifications and central frequency, depending on customer's needs.

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