TOM1203LP SMD Transponder Overmoulded Design (2.38mH - 7.2mH) Agrandir l'image

TOM1203LP SMD Transponder Overmoulded Design (2.38mH - 7.2mH)

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This new design available from Q3 2010 performs the highest mechanical standards for an SMD component. Inductor based on a wound ferrite and ulterior overmoulding which results in a compact component with absence of mechanically weak points. Designed to accomplish the highest electrical performance in these dimensions together with good thermal properties. RTPMS, KES, Industrial with high requirements are typical applications for this piece. Maximized sensitivity and thermal performance for the design.

  • Size :  12.7 x 3.7 x 2.6mm

The specification chart is a reference guide for the most common required values at working frequencies of 125 kHz. Any other inductance value at LF or tighter tolerances can be provided. Please contact our sales deparment for any inquiry.

This product has a datasheet available upon request. 
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