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RCA-THT - Radio Clock Receiver Antenna Trough-hole

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This component is a radio clock receiver antenna in Through-holte technology to allow an improved method of fixation to the PCB of the electronic device that uses it.
There are several clock signal transmiter in different countries: DCF-77.5kHz (Germany), HBG-75kHz (Switzerland), MSF-60kHz (United Kingdom), DTDF-162F (France), JJY-40&60kHz (Japan), WWB-60kHz (USA).
The component is configured as L-C resonant parallel tank. The module antenna is formed by ferrite core wound and a ceramic capacitor inside a plastic housing and it filled with polyurethane resin.

Characteristics :

  • Through-hole mounting in 75mm x 15mm x 6.3mm size
  • High stability in temperature (-20°C up to +85°C)
  • Designed for two tuning frequency (60kHz and 77.5kHz)
  • Higher resistance at resonance frequency
  • Low variation of the resonance frequency with the temperature (±3% in a 20° to 105°C)
  • Good cost/performance ratio
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