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Mélangeur large bande : MLIQ-0416SM



The MLIQ-0416SM is a miniaturized, multi-octave surface-mount 4-16 GHz IQ mixer. It features matched double balanced mixers connected with an integrated LO hybrid and RF power divider. It can be used for either upconversion or downconversion. Applications include communications or radar systems with advanced digital modulation formats and phase modulated signals, test and measurement, or electronic warfare. Image reject or single sideband modulation with excellent suppression is possible with use of an external IF quadrature (90°) hybrid.

ParameterLORFIFMinTypMaxDiode Option
-(GHZ)(GHZ)(GHZ)---LO drive level (dbm)
Conversion Loss (dB) 4-16DC-2-8,513,5+15
(Combined IF with Test Hybrid)2-3,5-10,515,5-
Image Rejection (dB) (Combined IF with Test Hybrid)--See Plots-L (+11 to +18)
I/Q Amplitude Balance (dB)--0.21-
I/Q Quadrature Phase Balance (Degrees)--5-
Isolation (dB)----
Input 1 dB Compression (dBm)--+8-
(Combined IF with Test Hybrid)----
Input Two-Tone Intercept (dBm)--+18-
(Combined IF with Test Hybrid) --- 


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