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Modulateur MMIC Balun : MBAL-0104SM



The MBAL-0104SM is a GaAs passive MMIC balun in a 4mm QFN surface mount package. It features excellent amplitude and phase balance across its 1 to 4 GHz frequency range that offers a 1:2 impedance ratio. The 4mm QFN package is a lead free, RoHS compliant package compatible with standard leaded and lead-free solder reflows. SMA connectorized evaluation packages are available. The MBAL-0104SM is an excellent choice for balanced amplifiers, clock distribution, and higher order Nyquist sampling in analog to digital converters. 

ParameterFrequency RangeMinTypMax
Nominal Insertion Loss (dB)1 GHz à 4 GHz-3-
Nominal Phase Shift (Degrees)-180-
Amplitude Balance (dB)-+/-0+/-0,5
Phase Balance (Degrees)-+/-2+/-5
Common Mode Rejection (dB)2533-
Excess Insertion Loss (dB)1-2-2,54
Isolation (dB)-8-
Output VSWR-3,6-
Common Port VSWR-1,25-


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